“Connect the excellence of Japan to the world”

Local traditional culture
(Locally-made product development / Eco, green, or agriculture Tourism)
= Local revitalization


Kyo-yuzen artisan support project
~ Sharing the traditional techniques of Kyoto's artisans with the world ~

Kyo-yuzen artisan support project

Japanese traditional industry has been disappearing, and with it superior techniques.
Times are changing so fast that today's trends may be out of date tomorrow, and what society demands today can be different tomorrow. Even in such rapid-moving society, TOMBO PROJECT is sure that there is a way to preserve traditional culture by understanding global demand. Read more

Wazuka Regional revitalization project
~ Promote teatopia (tea utopia) Wazuka to the world ~

Wazuka Regional revitalization project

There's beautiful scenery hidden in a suburb of Kyoto. Wazuka is one of Japan's oldest and most beautiful. We want to deliver Wazuka's scenery and Kyoto's tea culture to the world. The vitality of tea, vitality for the soul, Wazuka's local culture is full of elements that answer the needs of a modern society in which people need to relax.
Read more





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