A project which supports the Regional Traditional Industries and Regional Traditional Culture through direct collaboration with Region Communities.

We provide Japanese traditional culture to the world through the development and delivery of products and through advertisement global design in multiple languages.


In truth, it is just a small idea.

We want to make the world a better environment for ourselves, for the people of the world, for nature, and for all living creatures.

If we can increase those moments of comfort and warmth in everyone's daily life, if even for a moment, then we feel that we should do whatever we can to make those moments happen.

Even if we can only inherit a small part of the techniques, if someone in the world appreciates our efforts, then we have succeeded. This is our motivation. So, “From Kyoto, where countless Japanese traditional culture live and work, to everyone in the world, for them to fully enjoy their daily life."

We believe this is our mission to society.


We want to bring to the world this amazing Japanese traditional culture, to the daily life of everyone in the world through TOMBO PROJECT.

By using our experiences from living all over the world, we have created a logic process for consortium and we promise to do our best to pass our traditional culture to the next generation.


"TOMBO" means dragonfly in Japanese.
TOMBO is its phonetic equivalent. We didn't think much about it when we decided to call our project TOMBO."
There was an artisan who liked my dragonfly artwork. It was a simple unicursal scrawl that I did while I was working on something else.


One day, he gave me a hand-made t-shirt with my TOMBO logo on it. I remember thinking, "What a warm and kind person!"
He made me very happy.
I didn't think much more than that at the time.

5 years later, I finally had a chance to talk to him again.
"Is there anything I can do to help him?"
That was the only thing I could think of.

When we are doing business things like logos and symbols have a huge effect on results.

That is why my choosing the TOMBO drawing that I made without any thought as a logo might not be the smartest idea in a business perspective.

But that TOMBO drawing comes from the kindness of one man, not from wanting to pursue money.
Therefore, we thought that it would be the perfect beginning to our journey. And that is why we decided to use this TOMBO symbol.

That is the story of the name of this project, "TOMBO".