Kyo-yuzen artisan support project
~ Sharing the traditional techniques of Kyoto's artisans with the world ~

Japanese traditional industry has been disappearing, and with it superior techniques.
Times are changing so fast that today's trends may be out of date tomorrow, and what society demands today can be different tomorrow. Even in such rapid-moving society, TOMBO PROJECT is sure that there is a way to preserve traditional culture by understanding global demand.

1. Setting up a multiple languages website
(Japanese, French, and English)

◆ Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku
Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku

A lot of multiple language websites exist. TOMBO PROJECT strives to bring true understanding through high-quality translation, quality which conveys the information properly. Therefore, we pay close attention to both the wording and the nuance.。

- Web Design -
We prioritize simplicity and eye-catching design that will appeal to the world.

- Multi-Lingual -
Building a language-barrier-free environment which people from all over the world can use for information transmission is necessary.

- Multi-Lingual Web Shop -
EC system integration allows artisan's art to be purchased from anywhere in the world.

- Photography -
Make it look proper. Make it look beautiful.
A visual image is important to "communicate".
Photos should intrigue people and bring their curiosity and art closer. Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku

2. Joint product development
~ Shorten the "MA" (distance) between the world and the traditional Japanese artisan~


In Japan, for example, commodities from other cultures such as coffee and whiskey took a strategic step to become commonplace. Joint product development creates products in which the traditional Japanese artisan's technique can be seen in everyday life around the world. Also, by collaborating with artisan including price setting, it creates potential products which will be purchased globally. It is hoped that this attempt will contribute to the continuation of Japanese traditional culture. We will close the gap "MA" between the global community and Japanese traditional culture.

3. Joint developed products are in the KYOTO CONTEMPORARY brochure


4. Test marketing at JAPAN EXPO in Paris

Test marketing at JAPAN EXPO in Paris JAPAN EXPO 2014 in Paris, France (2nd to 6th of July, 2014)

"KIMONO TUMBLER" was exhibited and sold as a test at the JAPAN EXPO held in Paris, France, which received 200,000 visitors in 5 days.
With the TOMBO PROJECT's first attempt to sell in overseas, we received responses and positive sales performance results.
Gathered responses from young adults involved in the Japanese subculture in France. Analyzed the responses thoroughly and utilized the analysis in creating a new joint-developed product with artisans.
Working with artisans in Kyoto directly is a step towards sustainability in Japanese traditional industry.

5. Designed a panel for test marketing in France

Designed a panel for test marketing in France

6. Test marketing at tourist facilities in Kyoto city

- Sales release of TP tumbler at Toei Kyoto Studio Park -
Selling "KIMONO TUMBLER" at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Conducted over-the-counter sales at one of the most popular tourist areas in Kyoto.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park ◆ Toei Kyoto Studio Park

7. Product introduction in a free newspaper in France

Introduced the joint-developed products with artisans or TP in local free newspapers by working together with a company in France associated with Japan.
The company publishes 50,000 free newspapers a month and has a strong influence over readers. Products are now available on its e-commerce website.

idées JAPON, free newspaper (50,000 copies/month in France)

8. Listed on domestic company's e-commerce website

Introduced the joint-developed products with artisans or TP to local e-commerce website by working together with a company in France associated with Japan.

idées JAPON EC, online shopping site ◆ idées JAPON EC, online shopping site

9. Joint-developed product exhibition at showrooms in Europe

Joint-developed products and other products have been exhibited at the showroom of a French-based company associated with Japan.

- JAPAN ROOTS & TRENDS - Showroom - - JAPAN ROOTS & TRENDS - Showroom -

10. Flyer design for overseas exhibition

Designed a flyer for displaying and distributing at Paris exhibition. Production and decisions on design are based on exhibition host country's visual tastes.
Flyer design for overseas exhibition Flyer design for overseas exhibition

11. Work Scene Movie Making

In order for us to tell the producers' passion and effort, we present the movie for Web sites and exhibitions.